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Flutter - Most prominent hybrid technology to develop application

Why we have created this blog
We wrote this blog to summarize the benefit of using Flutter for Application and Web development with the help of numbers, we hope it will help you to choose flutter for your project.

Who wrote this blog?
This blog wrote with the suggestions of Mr. Aarif Ali ( 5 years of experience in development & co –founder of loopNcode infotech solution LLP) , he is associated with flutter since its launching.
Some of the Applications develop by him in flutter are as following for your reference:
Food Frenzy

Flutter is an open source movable UI toolkit by which we can design and develop Application for the cross platforms (Android + iOS) , web and desktop software as well from a single codebase. Flutter was introduced by Google in December 2018  as a polished platform to generate applications , web apps and software.

Flutter Numbers:

From the date of its launching Flutter is getting popular among the developers below are some of the latest figures on flutter –
  1. As per the statista reports following is the trend for flutter-
  1. In  2019 – There was 30% of flutter user among cross platoform.
  2. In 2020 – It increased and reached till 39%.
  3. In 2021 – It again increased and reached 42%.
  1. As per the Google trends in India in past 12 months there is 56% of of people those searched for Flutter a much higher than react native – 44%.
  2. Flutter is having 1,20,000 stars on Git Hub, on the other hand react native is only having 95,300 stars.
  3. Flutter is also having one of the top 50 active repositories on Git Hub.
  4. A survey has been conducted by the stack overflow on most loved technology and Flutter got 68.17% of votes only behind the .Net which got 72.67% of votes.

Flutter is gaining popularity that big brands also developing their Application in Flutter,some of those are-
  1. Xianyu by Alibaba
  2. Postmuse – a Instagram photo editing application
  3. In10 –A RSVP & ETA tracking application
  4. Google ADS
  5. Hamilton Music by Hamilton
  6. My BMW application

Reason for getting popular and adopted by the brands to develop their application –

Redistributed and Modified:
Since Flutter is an open source toolkit, Any developer can post their issues, contribute to the Flutter community and can access the document from open developer forums as well.

User Interface (UI):
Flutter executes two sets of widgets which comply with specific design language –
  1. Material design widgets which executes Google’s design language
  2. Cupertino widgets which executes Apple’s iOS design
In short Flutter application will behave same and natural on both the android and iOS platforms, resembling their native components.

It is the feature which enables developers to reload the application and confirm the changes in the UI while development in flutter.

One only code base:
On March 2021 as Flutter 2 announced developer can implement the same code base to craft applications on five operating systems-
  1. iOS
  2. Android
  3. Windows
  4. MacOS
  5. Linux
Flutter provided production-quality support for web in its Flutter 2 Announcement by which we can develop the progressive web apps as well by using Flutter.

Time to market:
It will take lesser time as compare to Native applications.

Compatible with older device:
Flutter ensures rendering and functionality of application n Android V 5.1.1 and iOS V 8 and higher from that.

Low Maintenance cost:
When it comes to maintenance cost, Flutter is far cheaper then native android and native iOS platforms because there is lesser workforce required to maintain a single platform as compare to multiple platforms.

Uses of third party library, widgets and ready to use components which makes
  1. Flutter to develop customize applications
  2. Its design more eye catchy
  3. Its functionality more efficient
  4. Speedy Development
  5. Reduced project and maintenance cost
These are the reasons you should consider flutter for Application and web app development.

If  you would like to discuss the benefits of using Flutter for application development for your project then please connect loopNcode at or you can call us at 9079950049.