Top-Notch Laravel Web Development Services by LoopNcode

Laravel is an open-source PHP-based framework used for creating robust web applications. Over the past few years, numerous web development companies have started preferring Laravel as it allows to create fast and secure applications in lesser time. Whether you want a single-page website, a fully-functional eCommerce store, an enterprise-level web application, etc., the Laravel framework will never disappoint you. So, hire our Laravel web development services to build your next application. Still confused? We have mentioned a list of advantages of choosing Laravel below.

Why You Should Prefer Laravel for Your Next Web Application

Seamless User Security: Security is the most important thing you should consider, especially when building an eCommerce store. Laravel offers a secured ecosystem to your customers when they make a purchase, log in to their accounts, access other resources, etc. It uses a Bcrypt hashing algorithm that saves passwords in encrypted form to offer the utmost security.

Integration with 3rd Party Mail & Messaging Applications: It has in-built API services that help developers to integrate over Mandrill, SwiftMailer library drivers to SMPT, Amazon SES, etc. with ease. It empowers web applications to send emails to local servers & cloud-based servers that include messaging services like Slack & Nexmo.

Easy Cache Integration Promotes Speed Optimization: Although there are various factors responsible for user experience, the speed of the website is the primary one. A website needs to be loaded within a blink which is possible via cache configuration. Laravel workspace supports cache backends like DynamoDB, Redis, Memcached, and relational databases. On the other hand, Laravel allows developers to set up numerous cache-configuration which is advantageous for large websites. It all helps you to make your site speedy.

Better at Traffic Handling: The Laravel framework is efficient at handling high-volume traffic. It handles multiple requests much faster than other frameworks so users can navigate your site without any delay.

Object-oriented: Laravel is inscribed in object-oriented PHP. It possesses numerous pre-installed object-oriented libraries that make it unique and developers’ choice.

Automated Testing Process: One of the main things because of that developers prefer about Laravel is its built-in testing workspace. It has PHP Unit support testing and phpunit.xml is already configured inside the application that enables developers to run expressive testing of the whole website as well as each function at a time.

Blade templating: Blade templating permits programmers to associate single or many templates with a data model. It emerges all templates into PHP Cache Code and empowers caching, sessions, verification, line up, and RESTful routine like repeatable errands.

Adorable Designs & Templates: Web development companies love its Template Tool. The tool is already installed in its framework with numerous lightweight templates. What about the quality of design? All web pages you create will have a responsive and eye-catching design. 

In straight words, all the above-described benefits are evidence of choosing Laravel will help to get the web application with robust features.

How LoopNcode is Different from other Laravel Web Development Companies

At LoopNcode, we have been offering world-class services to numerous clients from different industries such as finance, fashion, health & wellness, hospitality, and more. We have experience working with big enterprises, small businesses, and start-ups. Our experts will help you get applications that actually solve your motto and meet your goals. How our company is different and why you should hire our services is mentioned below:

One-Stop Agency: LoopNcode is a one-stop Laravel web development company. We have a team of experienced developers to help you with all your needs. Whether you want to build an eCommerce store or looking for a customized solution according to the nature of your business, hiring our services won’t be disappointing. Apart from web development, we also offer Laravel API Development & Migration Solutions.

Organized Approach: We have been in the industry for years and our experience taught us that it is necessary to follow an organized approach to win customer satisfaction. Our company follows the below approach:

A) Taking customer’s requirement in-written that keeps things sorted.
B) A single point of communication to avoid communication gaps.
C) Weekly updates to confirm the states to the clients.
D) Dedicated QA team.
E) Demonstration to the client.
F) Project delivery.

Experienced & Proficiency: Being a leading web development company we have a team of experienced Laravel developers who are skilled enough to code fast while zero compromises with quality, which helps us to complete the projects on time and makes our customers happy.

Swift Support & Maintenance: Support services are the backbone of web development companies. Good support and maintenance services help companies stay in the industry for the long run. You don’t need to worry about that when you partnered with LoopNcode. We are committed to providing swift support services when customers need them.

FAQs Related to Laravel Web Development Services

Is Laravel SEO-friendly?
Search engine optimization is one of the effective inbound marketing strategies. It is worthless if your web application is not friendly to the SEO. At LoopNcode, we develop your applications as per the SEO standards and best practices.

What is the time duration for completing the project?
Every project has its own unique requirements. The delivery time frame depends on the functionality and designs you want. You can contact us to discuss your requirement so that we can give you an idea.

Which databases can be used in Laravel? 
Laravel sustains database systems including MySQL, SQLite, Postgres, and SQL.

Is Laravel good for big projects? 
Yes, it’s good. The features which make Laravel good for big projects consist of complete database migration, finest security, object-relational mapping, and unit testing.

Does Laravel support cPanel or Plesk?
Both web hosting workspaces support Laravel. You can configure Laravel within a few clicks only by using Softaculous.

What are the charges for Laravel web development services?
All projects don’t have the same cost. Still, we would like to inform you that LoopNcode offers services at competitive prices. You can discuss your project so we can send you a quotation along with all the details.