#1 Android App Development Services

According to a report from Statista, the world has more than 6.25 billion mobile phone users, a massive number! As far as the market share of Android users is concerned, it is 70% of total mobile phone users, which means 4.375 billion. Therefore, having web applications only is not enough to expand businesses in the digital space. Today, all modern companies and businesses want to have an Android mobile application because of its market share. They understand its importance to stay ahead. Are you aware of this and looking for a top-notch Android app development company? If so, LoopNcode should be your destination.

Why LoopNcode Be Your Android App Development Company

We step into the industry in 2020 with some small clients and now has emerged as a one-stop solution for all your needs related to mobile & web application development services. As far as our android app development services are concerned, we offer robust and dynamic solutions as per the clients’ needs.

Skilled & Experienced Android Developers: Developers are the backbone of mobile & web application development companies. We have a team of experienced android developers who are skilled enough to develop functionalities you want to have in our app within a given time frame.

Dedicated Project/Account Manager: Our project managers have been working in the IT industry for years. So, whatever queries you may have, they are always available.

Reporting with transparency: One of the critical parts of the IT industry is reporting. Once the project is finalized, clients want to have an update of completed tasks after a certain time frame which is obvious. LoopNcode provides weekly progress reports to make our clients stay tuned.

White Label Services: Are you an agency looking for a vendor for android app development services? LoopNcode offers white label services which means we will deliver the services to your clients on your behalf.

An Organized Process for Android App Development

At LoopNcode, we follow an organized process so that projects can be completed with ease:

Getting Requirements: It is essential to understand the complete requirement to deliver what the client exactly wants. Therefore, our team takes the requirement from the client in writing so nothing can be skipped. Once we have the document, our android developers can start working on your project.

Android UI/UX Design: An appealing design is essential for user experience. Our designers will create an interactive design for each app screen and all be sent to the client for approval.

Development: We have a team of skilled Android developers who are proficient with programming languages like Node.js, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Java, Kotlin, C++, C#, and more. They will develop a wireframe to illustrate your app architecture and ensure that everything is coded in the best way as per your need.

Android App Testing and QA: Before delivering the project, our testing team tests your android application to eliminate bugs and security issues (if there are any).

Submission/Deployment: Do you want to LoopNcode to deploy your android app in the Google Play Store or just send the file to you? We can proceed as the client wants.

Maintenance & Support: LoopNcode offers maintenance and support services you won’t get stuck. Our support and maintenance services make sure that your app remains updated according to the security and your needs.

LoopNcode Offers A-to-Z Android App Development Solutions

There is a reason behind when we say LoopNcode is the one-stop android app development company. Our company offers A-to-Z android app development solutions. So, whatever your needs are, LoopNcode can help you out.

Example: It is beneficial your e-leaning app is compatible with Android TVs. Browsing video lessons and attending live classes on TV screens can serve a great user experience.

Android API Development & Integration: It is one of the critical parts of android app development services. API integration needs to be done in the following cases:

1) You will need a web-based application to manage your android. A web-based app is essential for order processing, inventory management, adding products, categories, etc. Our developers will connect both applications via API integrations so that such activities can be done easily.

You don’t need to be worried about API integrations when working with LoopNcode. We will deliver what exactly you want.

Android App Consultation: Many times, it happens that clients are confused about certain things and looking for expert advice. Are you also in the same situation? If so, Let LoopNcode be your consultant. Whether you need technical advice or a general query related to android app development, we will help you to move ahead with the best.

Android TV App: Nowadays, most smart TV is powered by Android. There is a number of users who install and browse android applications on their smart TVs. You may lose a large number of users if your application is not compatible with the Android TV.

Apart from smartphones and TVs, there are many Android-based devices like watches, home security systems, appliances, tablets, Multimedia systems for cars, and more. Our android developers are skilled enough to create applications compatible with devices as needed.

2) An android application functions after grabbing data from any other server or 3rd party application.


FAQs Related to our Android App Development Services

Does LoopNcode build an android app for grocery stores? If yes, what will be the charges?
Basically, such applications are called eCommerce apps. It is a cup of tea for LoopNcode. As far as pricing our concerned, please contact us to discuss your requirement in detail so we can give a proper quotation along with pricing and other details.

What about the security of the android application?
At LoopNcode, we take security seriously. Therefore, we use SSL and take all other security measures to protect your application from cyberattacks. In case, when you get in such situations for unforeseen reasons, we are available to help you out.

Can LoopNcode sign NDA?
Yes, we can sign NDA.

What are the tools and technologies used by your company for android app development?
There is a number of tools and technologies used by our android developer team like Android Studio, AVD Manager, IntelliJ IDEA, Genymotion Studio, etc.