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React Native, introduced by Facebook in 2015, is a JavaScript framework used for building hybrid mobile applications. Developers and mobile app development companies have adopted the framework because of its component-based modular approach that allows reusing the codes for creating applications across multiple platforms. In straight words, you don’t need to write two different codes for creating an iOS & Android app, a single code will work on both platforms. As far as user experience is concerned, it will be the same as the apps built using Java or Android, or Swift.

Earlier, it was a misbelief that the framework is ideal for single-screen apps not having many functionalities. Therefore, React Native App Development was adopted by few companies only. Later, as more and more robust apps started coming to industries, developers and agencies have started adopting the innovative framework. 

Benefits of Choosing React Native for App Development

Saves Time & Money: One of the vital reasons is it saves your time & money. As mentioned above a single will work for multiple platforms so you don’t need to hire different services for iOS and Android. The framework provides ready-to-use components that help developers to quicken the process. Isn’t cool?

Great at Performance: The programming language is friendly to mobile devices. While apps built on other technologies utilize CPU (Central Processing Unit), React Native apps use GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) which makes it faster.

Smooth & Faster Updates: You may want to add more features and functions to your app for better user experience, security, and being a leader in the industry. React Native eliminates the need of updating apps manually via app stores. Developers can implement changes/updates to the application via OTA, so it can be done smoothly even if you have active users.

Easy-to-move: If it becomes essential to move your app to other frameworks for some reason, you don’t need to worry. Our developers can export the app and move it to iOS or Android with no effort. Mobile app development companies love this flexibility.

Third Party-Plugin: React Native enables developers to integrate third-party plugins via JavaScript-based and native modules. This means it is easier to integrate Google Maps, Google Calendar, or any other third-party application using RN.

Community-Driven: As the community of React Native developers is growing, you can ask the community if you have any technical queries. You can find the communities at GitHub, Stack Overflow, Facebook, etc.

If you are still not sure, whether React Native will be up to the mark of your needs or not, you must check the list of popular mobile applications that are built on React Native:





Uber Eats.

Hire Our React Native App Development Company

Your search for hiring reliable React Native App Development services ends here! At LoopNcode, we aim to win customers’ satisfaction by offering quality services at affordable prices. We offer extensive solutions as for as our React Native services are concerned:

Consulting: Being an industry leader, we help our clients to land their ideas on the floor. Our experts will understand your requirement and help you to deploy the things the right way.

Upgrade & Migration Solutions: Whether you want to redesign your existing mobile application or add some more features or migrate; LoopNcode can help you in all aspects. We have a team of experienced developers who ensure such tasks get done with zero difficulties.

Widget Development: It is highly requested by almost all the clients. The widgets make your mobile application more appealing and user-friendly. It is an advanced feature and one should have in-depth knowledge of React Native, Android, and iOS for widget development. LoopNcode is a few of the leading React Native App Development companies and we can help you with that too.

Interactive UI/UX Design: An appealing app design is essential for users’ convenience, interactions, experience, and conversion. At LoopNcode, our app designers create UI/UX designs and make sure users can navigate your application without hassle.

Support & Maintenance: Being a market leader, we are committed to offering proactive support and maintenance to our clients. We believe in long-term relations so you won’t disappoint when hiring our React Native App Development services.

FAQs Related to Our React Native App Development

Is React Native better than Flutter?
React Native is perfect for creating mobile applications for all types. It uses JavaScript, a quite easier language that is more popular than Dart, which is used by Flutter. This is one of the reasons mobile app development companies prefer. As far as frontend is concerned, both technologies deliver a similar user experience.

What is the difference between React Native and Flutter Workspaces?
React Native is based on JavaScript, while Flutter uses C, C++, and Dart. 

I already have an Android App and now want an iOS App too. Should I hire iOS App Development services or React Native?
Still, you should hire React Native App Development Services. Doing that will eliminate the maintenance cost.

Does LoopNcode offer development services on an hourly basis?
Yes, we do. This working model is suitable for those who want to make minor changes.

Why you should choose LoopNcode for your React Native App Development?
You must hire our services for the following reasons:

1. Deliver projects on timelines.

2. Swift support services.

3. Competitive prices.

4. 5-Star Ratings on Google My Business.

For more queries, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.